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PPSC Pak Studies mcqs, Pak Studies Past Papers,  Pak Studies MCQs for the preparation of Lectureship, Subject Specialists, NTS,FPSC, PPSC,SPSC,CSS,PMS and  Basic Information About Pakistan .

1). Shah Waliullah was born in________:

a). 1701

b).  1702

c).  1703

d). 1704

2). His father’s name was Shah_____:

a). Abdur Rahim

b).  Abdul Basit

c).  Abdul Rehman

d). None of these

3). His fath founded ______ religious centre:

a). Sultanate

b).  Qazah

c).  Rahimiya

d). None of these

4). Rahimiya was founded in_______:

a). Delhi

b).  Lahore

c). Bengal

d). Multan

5). He translated the Holy Quran into______:

a). Arabic

b).  Sanskrit

c).  Urdu

d). Persian

6). He recommended the application of Ijtihad against:

a). Quran

b). Sunnah

c).  Taqlid

d). None of these

7). He wrote:

a). Kitab ul Hind

b).  Hujjat ullah il Baligh

c).  Kimya e Saadat

d). None of these

8). After Shah Wali Ullah, his two sons shah Rafi ud din and Shah Abdul Qadir prepared ________versions of Holy Quran:

a). Persian

b).  Urdu

c).  Sanskrit

d). Punjabi

9). Sayyed Ahmad Shaheed was born in:

a). 1786

b).  1787

c).  1788

d). 1789

10). He was the founder of ________movement:

a). Faraizi

b).  Mujahideen

c).  Haqooq e Islam

d). None of these

11). With the help of Mujahideen, he made an attack on the Sikh forces in:

a). 1822

b).  1824

c).  1826

d). 1828

12). With this movement, _______was captured in 1830:

a). Lahore

b).  Bengal

c).  Peshawar

d). Deccan

13). In_________, he and his followers were routed by Sikh force:

a). 1830

b).  1831

c).  1832

d). 1833

14). The real name of Titu Mir was:

a). Mir Nasir Ali

b).  Mir Ali Shah

c).  Mir Ahad Ali

d). None of these

15). He launched a movement in favor of:

a). Laborers

b).  Workers

c).  Peasants

d). None of these

16). The Faraizi Movement was started in:

a). East Pakistan

b).  East India

c).  East Afghanistan

d). East Bengal

17). __________ was the founder of Faraizi Movement:

a). Titu Mir

b).  Ahmad Shaheed

c).  Shah Wali Ullah

d). Haji Shariatullah

18). Haji Shariatullah was born in 1780 in _______ in a village named Bander Lakola, Faridpur District:

a). Iran

b).  Iraq

c).  Bengal

d). India

19). He died in:

a). 1820

b).  1840

c).  1860

d). 1880

20). After his death, his son, ______carried on the work of his father:

a). Titu Mir

b).  Mir Ali

c).  Dudhu

d). None

21). He was in the favour of ______community:

a). Peasant

b).  Worker

c).  Labourer

d). Feudal Lords

22). He declared Jihad against:

a). Hindus

b).  Jews

c).  British

d). None

23). He died in:

a). 1860

b).  1862

c).  1864

d). 1866

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