1- According to which Article of the constitution envisage that any attempt to abrogate the constitution through unconstitutional means will amount to High treason?

A). Article 2 of the constitution 1973

B). Article 4 of the constitution 1973

C). Article 6 of the constitution 1973✔️

D).None of these

2- Liaquat Ali khan was born on 1 October 1895 in the famous town:

A). Jhansi

B). Lucknow


D). None of these

3- Which city is the oldest in Pakistan?

A). Rawalpindi

B). Karachi

C). Multan✔️

D). Lahore

4- Which king was the first to use rockets in warfare?

A). Haider Ali

B).Tipu Sultan✔️

C). Jahangir

D).Shah jahan

5- Who is the famous for his betrayal with Tipu Sultan in the fourth Anglo – Mysore war?

A). Muhammad shah

B). Mir Jafar

C). Mir Sadiq✔️

D). None of these

6- Which art was pationized by Jahangir?

A). Sculpture

B). Painting✔️

C). Music

D).None of these

7- In which year did Queen Victoria become Empress of India?





8- Communal electorate in India was introduced through which of the following act?

A).1909 Act✔️

B).1919 Act

C).1935 Act

D). None of these

9- Where the complete Buddhist monastery in Pakistan is found?

A).Takht-i- Bahi✔️



D).None of these

10- What was the real name of Schal Sarmast?

A).Mast Tawakli

B). Abdul Wahab✔️

C).Shams Wahab

D).None of these

11- In which year was India’s capital shifted from Calcutta to Delhi:





12- Who was the viceroy of India at the time of partition of Bangal?

A).Lord Elgin

B). Lord Curzon✔️

C). Lord Minto

D).Lord Hardinge

13- The constitution of Muslim League, known as the:

A). Green Book✔️

B). Yellow Book

C). Red Book

D). Blue Book

14- Who wrote the constitution of the Muslim League?

A). Maulana Muhhamad Ali johar✔️

B).Mr. Syed Ali

C).Sir Syed Ahmed khan

D).None of these

15- Who started “Home Rule Movement”?

A).A.B Rajput

B).M.A Jinnah

C).Mrs.Annie Besant✔️

D). None of these

16- Who of the following was associated with the throwing of the bomb in the central council?

A). Bhagat singh✔️

B).Vir Savarkar

C). Sardar Ajit Singh

D). None of these

17- Who called British economic policy as “Colonial Economy”?

A). Mahatma Ghandi

B). Jawahar Lal Nehru

C).M.A Jinnah

D).Madan Mohan Malaviya✔️

18- The secretary of state for India during the British rule was:

A).An official who worked as the secretary to the viceroy of India

B).A secretary level official  appointed in each presidency of India

C).A British minister given full control over the government of India✔️

D).None of these

19- When Alexander the Great arrived at Taxila?

A).316 BC

B).322 BC

C).306 BC

D).326 BC✔️

20- What term did Montague use for the policy adopted by the British check the crimes committed by the revolutionaries?

A).Uanquish and rule

B). Brutal suppression and concession

C). Blended Repression✔️

D).None of these

21- Who was the viceroy of British India when the Indian national Congress was started?

A). Lord Ripon

B). Lord Dufferin✔️

C). Lord Mayo

D). Lord Hastings

22- The Mughal emperor Shah jahan shifted his capital from Agra to Delhi in the year of:





23- Which country is the largest CNG consumer of Asia and second largest CNG consumer in world?

A). Russia


C). Japan

D). Pakistan✔️

24- Who introduced the “Doctrine of Lapse”?

A). Lord Dalhousie✔️

B). Lord Dufferin

C). Lord Amber

D). Lord Auckland

25- Which state was the first to be annexed on the basis of the Doctrine of Lapse?

A). Nagpur

B). Jaitpur

C). Satara✔️

D). None of these

26- Which important political party was absent from the first Round Table Conferences in 1930?

A). Muslim League

B).Sikh Union

C). Congress✔️

D). None of these

27- Who was the founder of Faraizi Movement?

A).Syed Ahmed shaheed

B).Shah wali  ullah

C).Haji Shariat Ullah✔️

D).None of these

28- Who was the last viceroy of India?

A). Lord Montague

B). Lord Curzon

C). Lord Mountbatten✔️

D). Lord Wavell

29- Which city in India is now known as Chennai?

A). Bombay

B). Colcutta



30- An Indian Airlines flight from Kathmandu to New Delhi was hijacked by the five ‘Pakistani nationals’ the plane was taken to a city in Afghanistan. Which city was it?



C). Kandahar✔️

D).None of these

31-The destruction of a Mosque at the place in India by Hindu militants caused angry reaction by the Muslim community in India?

A). Amritsar

B). Ayodhya✔️

C). Lucknow

D). Lahore

32- Who created the Hindu sect called Brahmo Samaj a form of neo- Hinduism and is  sometimes called “Father of modern India”?

A).G.K Gokhale

B).Ram Mohan Roy✔️

C).M.K Gandhi

D).None of these

33- Who founded the Indian national Conference precursor to the Indian national Congress in 1883?

A). Gokhale

B). Moti LAL Nehru

C). Gandhi

D). Banerjee✔️

34- What did the term “Swaraj” mean to Indians during the period of British rule?

A). Pessive resistance

B).Self_ Rule✔️

C). British rule

D). Democracy

35- After India won its independence who become its first president?

A). Jawahar Lal Nehru

B).Sardar vallabhbhai patel

C). Rajendra prasad✔️

D). None of these

36- Who was the Governor General of India when the treasury was shifted from Murshidabad to Calcutta?

A). Charles Cornwallis

B). John shore

C). Warren Hastings✔️

D). None of these

37- Who was the first viceroy of India after the post of Governor General was abandoned?

A). Lord Canning✔️

B). Lord Dufferin

C). Lord Harding

D). Lord Mayo

38- Which English Lieutenant colonel recaptured the city Calcutta from Siraj- ud- Daula in 1757?

A). Lord Macaulay 

B). Lord Ripon

C). Robert Clive✔️

D). Lord Dalhousie

39- whose views finally settled the” Language Controversy” on the introduction of English in India?

A). Lord Macaulay✔️

B). Lord Ripon

C). Lord Elgin

D).None of these

40- Who convened a meeting of Muslim League to discuss the possibilities of a Muslim political party in India?

A). Saleem- ul- Mulk

B).Sir Agha khan

C). Nawab saleem ullah khan✔️

D). None of these

41- Which viceroy was known as the Father of Local self-Government?

A). Lord Canning

B). Lord Ripon✔️

C).Lord Dufferin

D). None of these

42- In 1757 Suraj -ud-Daulah attached British  Factory at:


B). Colcutta✔️

C).Kasim Bazar

D). Murshidabad

43- The Qutab Shah dynasty ruled at:

A). Golconda✔️

B). Berar

C). Bijapur

D). None of these

44- In which language did Babur wrote his autobiography?


B). Arabic

C). Turkish✔️


45- Jinnah was a lawyer where did he received his law degree?

A). university of Bombay

B). British college of law

C). university of London

D). Lincoln’s Inn✔️

46- When did Jinnah join the Indian national Congress?





47- The League’s and the congress’s main differences came in view in the”Round Table Conferences” which was held in:

A). Karachi

B). Lahore

C). London✔️

D). Bombay

48- In the elections of 1937 Congress won a majority in _ of the eleven provinces:


B). seven✔️

C). Ten

D). Eight

49- Where did Jinnah and the Muslim League make their first official demand for an independent Pakistan?



C). Calcutta

D).None of these

50- In 1940, Jinnah’s doctor told him that he was developing a terrible disease what is the disease?

A). smallpox

B). Tuberculosis✔️


D).Liver cancer

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