Organic Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1). Which of the following is not a characteristic of organic compounds?
(a) They usually have low melting points.
(b) They usually are only slightly soluble or insoluble in water.
(c) If water soluble they seldom conduct an electric current.
(d) Bonds which bind the atoms together are nearly always ionic ✔️

2). The element least likely to be found in an organic compound is:
(a). oxygen
(b). sulfur
(c). nitrogen
(d).  silicon ✔️

3). One of the major sources of organic compounds is:
(a). Natural gas ✔️
(b). Fermentation
(c). Sea water
(d). Atmosphere

4). Catenation is a property of the carbon atom which describes its ability to:
(a). bond with other carbon atoms ✔️
(b). form double and triple bonds
(c). exist in plant and animal form
(d). form bonds in its ground state

5). In stable organic compounds, carbon will always form:
(a). 2 bonds
(b). 4 bonds ✔️
(c). 3 bonds
(d). 5 bonds

6). Carbon-carbon double bonds consist of :
(a). one σ bond, one π bond ✔️
(b). two σ bonds, one π bond
(c). one σ bond, two π bonds
(d). two σ bonds, two π bonds

7). Acetylene has a total of :
(a). one σ bond, two π bonds
(b). two σ bonds, four π bonds
(c). three σ bonds, two π bonds ✔️
(d). one σ bond, four π bonds

8). In propene there are:
(a). eight σ bonds and one π bond ✔️
(b). seven σ bonds and two π bonds
(c). six σ bonds and three π bonds
(d). nine σ bonds

9. In propyne there are:
(a). six σ bonds and two π bonds ✔️
(b). seven σ bonds and one π bond
(c). six σ bonds and one π bond
(d). eight σ bonds

10). 1-Buten-3-yne has:
(a). six σ and four π bonds
(b). seven σ and three π bonds ✔️
(c). eight σ and two π bonds
(d). nine σ and one π bond

11). Compound in which carbons use only sp3 hybrid orbitals for bond formation is:
(a). CH3CH2CH3 ✔️
(b). CH3C≡CH
(c). CH3CH=CH2
(d). CH2=CH-CH=CH2

12). When the carbon atom is sp2 hybridized in a compound, it is bonded to:
(a). 2 other atoms
(b). 4 other atoms
(c). 3 other atoms ✔️
(d). 5 other atoms

13). Which of the following is a planar molecule?

(a). Formaldehyde ✔️
(b). Acetone
(c). Formic acid
(d). Acetic acid

14. What is bond angle between the hybrid orbitals in methane?
(a) 180°
(b) 120°
(c) 109.5° ✔️
(d) 115.5°

15. The H–C–C bond angle in ethane is:
(a) 60°
(b) 109.5° ✔️
(c) 120°
(d) 118°28′

16. The H–C–H bond angle in ethylene is
(a) 60°
(b) 120° ✔️
(c) 90°
(d) 180°

17. What is the bond length of a carbon-carbon double bond?
(a) 1.20 Å
(b) 1.34 Å ✔️
(c) 1.54 Å
(d) 1.68 Å

18. The carbon-carbon bond lengths in rank of increasing bond length is :
(a) triple, double, single ✔️
(b) single, double, triple
(c) single, triple, double
(d) triple, single, double

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