Nelson Mandela President Of South Africa Biography & MCQs

When and Where was Nelson Rolihahla Mandela born?

a) January 20, 1918 (Egypt)

b) May 5, 1918 (Zimbabwe)

c) July 18, 1918 (South Africa)

d) August 18, 1919 (Kenya)

When did Nelson Mandela join he African National Congress (ANC)?

a) 1939

b) 1943

c) 1946


When was Nelson Mandela elected as the President of African Congress?

a) August 5, 1990

b) July 5, 1991

c) February, 1991

d)June 9, 1994

When did Nelson Mandela win the Noble Peace Prize?

a) February 9, 1989

b) October 17, 1990

c) September 10, 1992

d) October 15, 1993

When were the first General elections held in South Africa which allowed citizens of all races to take part:

a) 10 May, 1992

b) 16 April, 1993

c) 27 April, 1994

d) 24 May, 1994

When did Nelson Mandela become the first black chief executive of South Africa by winning the general elections?

a) June 25, 1993

b) April 10, 1994

c) May 2, 1994

d) May 10, 1994

On December 2013, Nelson Mandela died at the age of 95:

a) 9th

b) 5th

c) 17th

d) 31st

How many years did Nelson Mandela serve in prison?

a) 18 Years

b) 23 Years

c) 27 years

d) 30 Years

In Which prison was Nelson Mandela held?

a) Butyrka Prison

b) Bang Kwang Central Prison

c) Sarpsborg Prison

d) Robben Island

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