Most Important Pedagogy MCQs for PPSC NTS and Educators Jobs

1.  Most popular method at all educational levels is:

(A). Project method

(B). Textbook method.

(C). Lecture method ✔️

(D). Inquiry method

2- Teacher performs practically and explains in:

(A). Inquiry method

(B). Discovery method

(C). Demonstration method✔️

(D). Problem solving method

3- Microteaching focuses on the competency over:

(A). Methods

(B). Skills✔️

(C). Contents

(D). Media

4- Portfolio is the collection of:

(A). School record

(B). Teacher work

(C). Student work✔️

(D). Office work

5- The emphasis in the classroom should be:

(A). Need of the whole class

(B). Needs of individual child✔️

(C). Subject matter

(D). Teaching method

6- “Computer literacy is also considered important”, Which philosophy denies it?

(A). Perennialism✔️

(B). Essentialism

(C). Progressivism

(D). Reconstructionism

7- The research, concerned with current phenomena of study is called:

(A). Historical research

(B). Descriptive research✔️

(C). Applied research.

(D). Experimental research

8- Main responsibility of classroom management lies on:

(A). Principal

(B). Teacher✔️

(C). Manager

(D). Supervisor

9- Know the students’ needs inside and outside classroom and have positive expectations is related to:

(A). Behavioral theory

(B). Humanistic theory✔️

(C). Cognitive theory

(D). Socio-economic theory

10- The process of selecting a subset of a population for a survey is know as:

(A). Experimental group

(B). Parameter

(C). Control group

(D). Sampling✔️

11- What do we want to achieve educationally at the end of instruction:

(A). Goals

(B). Research findings

(C). Teaching objectives. ✔️

(D). Plans targets

12-Theory ‘X’ and theory ‘Y’ were presented by:

(A). Douglas McGregor✔️

(B). Frederick Herzberg

(C). Abraham Maslow

(D). B.F. Skinner

13- Practice to organize & to study a specific topic for better retention is the purpose of:

(A). Drill method✔️

(B). Lesson plan

(C). Homework

(D). Microteaching technique

14- Self-evaluation of class teaching, the teacher will not be able to evaluate the teaching:

(A). Teaching strategies

(B). Use of AV aids

(C). Prepare textual material✔️

(D). Maintenance of class discipline

15- Research report should be in the:

(A). Future tense

(B). Past tense✔️

(C). Past and future tenses

(D). Present tense

16- Person who motivates the others, possess the qualities of:

(A). Leader✔️

(B). Manager

(C). Administrator

(D). Examiner

17- The scientific process of classifying things or arranging them in groups is called:

(A). Data

(B). Taxonomy✔️

(C). Goals

(D). Solo

18- Raw scores of tests is referred to:

(A). Data✔️

(B). Information

(C). Finding

(D). Conclusion

19- The great method of teaching by naturalists is:

(A). Discussion

(B). Study tours

(C). Role playing

(D). Play way✔️

20- The power delegated within an organization is:

(A). Control

(B). Command

(C). Centralization

(D). Decentralization✔️

21- The main source of innovations is:

(A). Upgraded technology

(B). Human mind✔️

(C). Research

(D). Science

22- Educational evaluation is a process by which:

(A). A teacher can assess his teaching✔️

(B). A student can assess his performance

(C). A teacher and a student can assess their performances

(D). A head teacher can assess his teaching

23- Data are collected through questionnaire, interview or observation in:

(A). Historical research

(B). Experimental

(C). Action research

(D). Descriptive research✔️

24- UNESCO conference of Aisan countries at Karachi recommended to spend 4% of G.N.P. on education was held in:

(A). 1965

(B). 1960✔️

(C). 1947

(D). 1972

25- Teaching is measureable, can be found through the use of:

(A). Project method

(B). Activity-based lesson

(C). Microteaching technique✔️

(D). Computer-based instruction

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