Lecturer Zoology Solved Past Paper MCQs Online Test No. 61

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Test Instructions:-
Test Name Lecturer Zoology
Subject Zoology Test 61
Test Type MCQs
Total Questions 25
Total Time 20 Minutes
Total Marks 100

You have 20 minutes to pass to the quiz.

Lecturer Zoology Online Test No. 61

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.................may add new genetic material to established gene pool of a population?

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Structures that evolve from same ancestral form though function may differ?

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Pattern of evolution in which two closely related populations gradually become more and more different?

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Natural selection changes allele frequencies because some………survive and reproduce more successfully than others:

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Type of mutation which results in formation of premature stop codon in a coding region of genome is termed as:

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Paleontology, the study of fossils, was developed by?

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During an individual organism's lifetime, which of these is most likely to help the organism respond properly to changes in its environment?

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Evolution of Homo sapiens is an example of?

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According to scientific estimates, the life in the cosmos came into being as earlier as:

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Which group is composed entirely of individuals who maintained that species are fixed (i.e., unchanging)?

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Which among the following can best describe a mutation occurring in a noncoding region of genome?

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Which of the following published his extensive studies of vertebrate fossils?

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Which among the following is an example of atavistic structures?

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Among following, which taxon exhibits pronounced level of polyploidy?

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Which of the following pairs of structures is least likely to represent homology?

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Which of the following leads to speciation?

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Evolution that results from relationships between organisms is ______?

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Which of the following anatomical structures is homologous to bones in wing of a bird?

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Which of Darwinʹs ideas had the strongest connection to Darwin having read Malthusʹs:

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Which of these evolutionary agents is most consistent at causing populations to become better suited to their environments over the course of generations?

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Any selective force which pushes population towards median traits?

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Microevolution can best be described as following:

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Sexual selection accruing within a same population may ultimately leads to:

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Which term is the most suitable to describe a polyploid having its sets of chromosomes derived from different species?

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Group of organisms that have a common ancestor and some of its descendants?

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