Lecturer Zoology Solved Past Paper MCQs Online Test No. 55

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Test Instructions:-
Test NameLecturer Zoology
SubjectZoology Test 55
Test TypeMCQs
Total Questions25
Total Time20 Minutes
Total Marks100

You have 20 minutes to pass to the quiz.

Lecturer Zoology Online Test No. 55

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The minimum population size at which species can sustain its number and survive is known as:

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A protected area with significant, ecological, biological, cultural and scenic value belongs to IUCN category:

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Which of the following is not in situ method for conservation?

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Which of the following is the key factor that drive extinction vortex?

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According to IUCN what percentage of nearly 5000 known species of mammals are threatened.

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Ex-situ conservation approach is advantageous in what way?

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When species is lost in one ecosystem but survive in another one the extinction is called?

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According to Island Equilibrium model rates of species extinction on Islands depends on what factor/ factors?

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Protected Islands that are surrounded by degraded habitats are called?

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The basic assumption of restoration ecology while restoring a degraded ecosystem is that:

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Which of the following ethic emphasizes on anthropocentric value of nature?

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Who established U.S forest service?

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Humans harvesting of wild organisms at rates exceeding the growth ability of population is called?

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Biocentrism focuses on..............

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Exotic species are also known as:

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A small area where large number of endangered and threatened species are found among endemic species is called?

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Zone reserve approach develops a............ around the reserve land?

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Which of the following is not a process of biological restoration?

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Jhon Muir developed .......... ethic:

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Which ethic gave rise the foundation of Conservation Biology discipline?

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What are the surrounding habitats of zone reserved called?

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Small Islands have high rates of extinction due to..............?

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Identifying a biodiversity hot spot is difficult due to what reason?

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Utilitarian philosophy of conservation is given in ............ethic.

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What type of areas provide economic incentives for long term conservation?

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