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Test NameLecturer Statistics
SubjectStatistics Test 6
Test TypeMCQs
Total Questions25
Total Time20 Minutes
Total Marks100

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PPSC Lecturer of Statistics Test 6

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The trend values in freehand curve method are obtained by:

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The normal equations in fitting a second degree parabola are:

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Any calculation on the sampling data is called:

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Standard deviation of sampling distribution of a statistic is called:

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The sum of the frequencies of the frequency distribution of a statistic is equal to:

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Sample is a sub-set of:

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ΣX = ΣX3 = 0, if origin is:

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List of all the units of the population is called:

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The difference between a statistic and the parameter is called:

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The population consists of the results of repeated trials is named as:

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Any measure of the population is called:

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If an annual time series consisting of even number of years is coded, then each coded interval is equal to:

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Probability distribution of a statistics is called:

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A population about which we want to get some information is called:

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In fitting a second degree parabola, the value of c is not affected with the change of :

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If all the units of a population are surveyed, it is called:

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Any population constant is called a:

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In probability sampling, probability of selecting an item from the population is known and is:

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For even number of years when origin is in the centre and the unit of X being half year, then X can be coded as:

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The second degree parabola is fitted to the time series when the variations are:

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In semi averages method, if the number of values is odd then we drop:

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For odd number of year, formula to code the values of X by taking origin at centre is:

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A second degree parabola has:

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For even number of years when origin is in the centre and the unit of X being one year, then X can be coded as:

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A distribution formed by all possible values of a statistics is called:

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