Lecturer Psychology Solved Past Papers MCQs Test No. 31

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Test Instructions:-
Test Name Lecturer Psychology 
Subject Psychology Test 31
Test Type MCQs
Total Questions 25
Total Time 20 Minutes
Total Marks 100

You have 20 minutes to pass to the quiz.

Lecturer Psychology Online Test No. 31

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A psychologist who studies how worker productivity might be increased by changing office layout is engaged in.............. research

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Ethical issues in human psychological research involve all of the following except:

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Which subfield is most directly concerned with studying human behaviour in the workplace?

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While waiting with other subjects for a psychological experiment to begin, someone repeats a rumor that the experiment is designed to assess racist attitudes. During the experiment, these subjects take care not to communicate any racist attitudes. If the rumor is true, the results obtained from this group of subjects will be:

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A double-blind study protects against:

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In psychology, "behaviour" is best defined as:

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A psychologist conducting an interview study on attitudes towards violence believes that males will have a more positive attitude than females. The psychologist tends to nod slightly at male interviewees when they express approval of specific violent behaviours, but not at female interviewees who do the same. The results of the study will probably reflect:

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Two historical roots of psychology are the disciplines of:

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Introspection technique is based upon:

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The seventeenth-century philosopher who believed that the mind is blank at birth and that most knowledge comes through sensory experience is

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To say that "psychology is a science" means that:

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In an experiment, the dependent variable is the one that the researcher:

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Psychologists who study, assess, and treat troubled people are called

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A psychologist studying a sample that is not really representative of the intended population has a:

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Today, psychology is a discipline that:

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After detailed study of a gunshot wound victim a psychologist concludes that the brain region destroyed is likely to be important for memory functions. Which research did the psychologists use to deduce this?

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Suppose, to determine whether college men or women are faster sprinters, you located 15 women at the sports complex and 15 men at the library and asked them all to run a 100-yard dash. Suppose the women run faster than the men and the results were statistically significant. The most justified criticism of this study is that:

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A professor wants to draw some conclusions about how her students regarded the value of her course. The professor administers a .questionnaire to students who received an A in the course and bases her conclusion on the results. The most obvious problem with this technique is:

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The first psychology laboratory was established by............ in the year ...........

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Which perspective emphasizes the learning of observable responses?

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Which seventeenth-century philosopher believed that some ideas are innate?

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The psychological perspective that places the most emphasis on how observable responses are learned is the..............perspective

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An experiment is conducted in which different groups of people are given IQ tests under varying conditions of noise. One group takes the test with high noise, one with moderate noise, and one with low noise. The temperature and lighting conditions are the same for each group. In this experiment what is the independent variable?

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A psychologist raises young rats either in plain cages with no toys or in cages filled with toys. The psychologist believes rats raised in toy-filled cages will become better learners than rats raised in plain cages. What, do: we call the psychologist's expectation?

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A psychologist asks 3-year-old children to explore a room filled, with toys either with or without their mothers present. The time the children spend exploring is measured.
Exploration time is the —-variable and the presence or absence of the mother is

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