Lecturer Political Science Solved MCQs Practice Test No. 25

1- The type of equality, which believes that all should be treated as equal partners in society, is called:

A). Civil equality

B). Political equality

C). Social equality✔️

D). Natural equality

2- Liberty and equality are:

A). Complementary


C). Neither complementary nor contradictory✔️

D). Both A&B

3- Who said that political equality can never be real unless it is accompanied by virtual economic equality:



C). Lord action

D).De tocqueville

4- The system under the people are treated equal in the eyes of law is covered under:

A). Civil equality✔️

B). National equality

C). Natural equality

D). Political equality

5- Who of the following believed in the concept of negative equality?

A). Maclver

B). Laski

C). Marx

D). Lord Action✔️

6- The concept of sovereign equality is associated with:

A). National equality✔️

B). Religious equality

C). Economic equality

D). Natural equality

7- Equal wages for equal work for both the sexes is covered under:

A). Political equality

B). Religious equality

C). Economic equality✔️

D). Natural equality

8- Caste system as it prevails in India is primarily opposed to the concept of:

A). Political equality

B). Social equality✔️

C). Economic equality

D). National equality

9- Who is the following said, “Liberty and equality are not in conflict nor even separate, but are different facets of same ideal”?

A). Karl Marx

B). Bakunin

C). Laski✔️

D). Maclver

10- Womanhood franchise means equality in:

A). Economic sense

B). Cultural sense

C). Political sense✔️

D). Moral sense

11- In his philosophy Plato has associated justice with:

A). Functions✔️

B). Religion

C). Morality

D). Wealth

12- Plato’s concept of justice was based on:

A). Economic considerations

B). Political considerations

C). Social considerations

D). Ethical and philosophical considerations✔️

13- What is justice according to Plato?

A). Equality before law

B). Equal distribution of property

C). Equal religious freedom

D). Right of every citizen to do what he qualified✔️

14- During revolutionary period about justice stress was laid on:

A). Political aspect

B). Moral aspect

C). Human aspect✔️

D). Philosophical aspect

15- Who of the following stressed that Justice laid in giving maximum happiness to maximum number of people?

A). Bodin

B). Marx

C). Rousseau

D). Bentham✔️

16- Who of the following is not associated with analytical school about justice?

A). Bodin

B). Locke

C). Austin

D). Marx✔️

17- Maximum stress about economic aspect of justice has been laid by:

A). Individualists

B). Utilitarian

C). Fascists

D). Socialists✔️

18- Who of the following has tried to establish a close link between justice and liberty?

A). Individualists

B). Marxists

C). Syndicalists

D). Liberals✔️

19- Who of the following thinkers took justice as an ethical standard of virtue in social and public relationship?

A). Aristotle✔️

B). Rousseau

C). Plato

D). Laski

20- The concept of justice in purely economic terms was popularized by:

A). Adam Smith

B). J. S. Mill

C). Bentham

D). Engels✔️

21- Economic dimensions of justice have been emphasized by:

A). Individualists

B). Idealists

C). Socialists✔️

D). All the above

22- The view that there is close relationship between Justice and Liberty is associated with the:

A). Marxists

B). Anarchists

C). Fascists

D). Liberals✔️

23- The idealist theory of justice, which emphasized the moral element of justice, was first of all propounded by:

A). Aristotle

B). Plato✔️

C). Machiavelli

D). Marx

24- Aristotle speaks of two types of justice, one particular justice and the other:

A). Social justice

B). General justice

C). Distributive justice✔️

D). Political justice

25- In which book Plato elaborated his theory of justice?

A). Republic✔️

B). Statesman

C). Laws

D). All the above

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