Lecturer Political Science Solved MCQs Practice Test No. 24

1- Who of the following is associated with the theory of legal rights?

A). Hobbes

B). Bentham✔️

C). Locke

D). Hegel

2- Social welfare theory of rights is associated with:

A). Utilitarian✔️

B). Marxists

C). Anarchists

D). Idealists

3- The statement that ” every state is known by the rights that it maintains” is associated with:

A). Lord Bryce

B). T.H.Green

C). Rousseau

D). Laski✔️

4- The three natural rights mentioned by Locke are:

A). Right to life, liberty and property✔️

B). Right to life, work and religion

C). Right to life, property and religion

D). Right to life, religion and family

5- The credit for advocating the Legal theory of rights goes to:

A). Locke

B). Austin✔️

C). Bentham

D). Grotius

6- Who was the following said that liberty means power to do anything that doesn’t injure another?

A). French Declaration of Rights of Man✔️

B). Liber

C). Laski

D). Herbert spencer

7- Who said that from liberty is meant, ” Every man is free to do what he wills, provided he infringes  not the freedom of other man”?

A). Laski


C). Herbert spencer✔️

D). Liber

8- Type of liberty, which a man enjoys as a member of civil society, is called:

A). Natural liberty

B). Civil liberty✔️

C). Political liberty

D). Economic liberty

9- The liberty, which people enjoy for earning their bread, is called:

A). Economic liberty✔️

B). Political liberty

C). Civil Liberty

D). Natural liberty

10- When national enjoy both interns as well as external liberty it is called:

A). Economic liberty

B). Political liberty

C). National liberty✔️

D). Natural liberty

11- Who said that liberty is primarily absence of restraints?

A). Seeley✔️

B). Laski

C). G.D.H.Cole

D). Benjamin

12- Who said that liberty is means for the realization of fullness of individual’s life?

A). Herbert spencer

B). Benjamin✔️

C). Laski

D). Bentham

13- According to individualist’s people can enjoy maximum liberty only when state:

A). Performs minimum functions✔️

B). Does not exist

C). Performs maximum functions

D). Performs maximum optional functions

14- According to Idealists liberty lies in:

A). State’s performing no functions

B). Complete obedience to laws✔️

C). Disappearance of state

D).  The absence of force

15- Liberty means providing those conditions which are essential for development of human personality’ is the view of:


B). Individualists

C). Idealists

D). Modern thinkers✔️

16-Who of the following said ‘ political liberty in the absence of economic liberty is a myth’?

A). G.D.H.Cole✔️

B). Dicey

C). Lenin

D). Stalin

17- Liberty and equality are not contradictory but complimentary to each other.’ This was said by:

A). Mahatma Gandhi

B). Maulana Azad

C). H.J.Laski✔️

D). Machiavelli

18- Who of the following has laid stress on positive aspect of liberty?

A). J.S.Mill

B). H.J.Laski✔️

C). Bakunin

D). Proudhan

19- Who has defined liberty by  saying ” freedom is not the absence of restraints but rather the substitution of rational ones for the irrational” ?

A). Seeley

B). Gettell

C). G.D.H.Cole✔️

D). Mackechnie

20- Who of the following has not supported the idea of moral liberty?

A). T.H.Green

B). Kant

C). Bosanquet

D). Karl Marx✔️

21- Individual’s right to demand work and leisure is covered under:

A). Economic liberty✔️

B). National liberty

C). International liberty

D). Political liberty

22-Which one of the following is not covered under civil Liberty?

A).’ Freedom of conscience

B). Freedom of movement

C). Freedom of occupation

D). Freedom of vote in the manner one will like to✔️

23- The term liberty has been drawn from the Latin term:

A). Libel

B). Lingua

C). Labour

D). Liber✔️

24- The concept of natural liberty is associated with:

A). Divine origin theory

B). Social contract theory✔️

C). Force theory

D). Evolutionary theory

25- Political liberty is often taken as synonymous with:

A). Democracy✔️

B). Majority rule

C). Freedom

D). Independence of judiciary

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