Lecturer Political Science Solved MCQs Practice Test No. 20

1- The statement, ” Rights, in fact are those conditions of social life without which no man can seek in general to be himself at his best” was made by:

A). T. H .Green

B). H. J. Laski✔️

C). Rousseau

D). Marx

2- ” Rights property so-called are creations of law properly so called”. This definition of rights is:

A). Hobbes

B). Laski

C). Bentham✔️

D). Hegel

3- ” Rights property so-called are creatures of law”. This view is held by:

A). T.H.Green

B). Laski

C). Dugult

D). Bentham✔️

4- ” Self is prior to its ends” and “Rights is prior to the good” are the principles upheld by:

A). Immanuel Kant✔️

B). F.W.G. Hegel

C). Charles Taylor

D). Michael Walzer

5- Who among the following thinkers has said that a state is known by the rights it maintains?

A). Harold Laski✔️


C). Beni Prasad

D). Jhon Locke

6- ” Human consciousness postulates liberty, liberty involves rights, rights demand the state”. Who has made this statement?

A). Laski

B). Barker

C). Green✔️

D). Hegel

7- Who among the following propounded the Functional Theory of Rights?

A). Barker

B). Lindsay

C). Laski

D).  Mill✔️

8- Rights are legal implies:

A). Rights emanate from society

B). Rights are the results of some law✔️

C). Rights are enforceable

D). Law can take away our rights

9- “Everything is permitted that is not prohibited” is based on the assumption of:

A). Natural law

B). Common law✔️

C). Eternal law

D). Divine law

10- Human Rights are rights to which people are entitled by virtue of:

A). Being individual beings

B). Being rational beings

C). Being human beings✔️

D). Being members of the state

11- Who among the following thinkers combined ‘ natural rights’ with physiological metaphor?

A). Locke

B). Spencer✔️

C). Green

D). Burke

12-  Who among the following thinkers combined natural rights with physiological metaphor in his organisms theory of the state?

A). F.A. Bradley

B). Herbert spencer✔️

C). Bernard Bosanquet

D). Bluntschli

13- Which one among the following is regarded as a civil right?

A). Right to public employment

B). Freedom of speech and expression✔️

C). Right to elect and to be elected

D). Right to property

14- From which one of the following perspectives has the nation of human rights been criticized?

A). Universalism

B). Cultural identity✔️

C). Secularism

D). Individualism

15- Hohfeld’s elements of rights do not include the following:

A). Right is a facility✔️

B). Right is an immunity

C). Right is a power

D). Right is a privilege

16-The following are advocates of negative rights?

A). Socialists

B). Communitarians

C). Welfare liberals

D). Neoliberals✔️

17- The following theory of rights gives the option to the holder to seek or relieve it.

A). Historical theory

B). Interest theory

C). Choice theory✔️

D). Functional theory

18-The division of human rights into three generations of rights is attributed to:

A). Vasak✔️

B). Locke

C). Burke

D). Marx

19- The following used the terms liberty and freedom as interchangeable:

A). Locke

B). Hayek✔️

C). Friedman

D). Rawls

20- ‘ Liber’ given the sense of liberty is a word from the following language:

A). Latin✔️

B). Hebrew

C). Greek

D). None of these

21- One of the following is not the advocates of the republican concept of liberty.

A). Arendt

B). Locke✔️

C). Skinner

D). Pocock

22- Who says that liberty means ” pursuing one’s own good in one’s own way without hurting the like liberties of others”?

A). Mill✔️

B). Locke

C). Nozick

D). Rawls

23- Negative liberty has its advocate in:

A). Kant

B). Rousseau

C). Friedman✔️

D). Laski

24- The following is of the opinion that liberty can be restricted only for the sake of protecting it:

A). Nozick

B). Rawls✔️

C). Mill

D). Hayek

25- ” Freedom is the positive power of capacity of doing or enjoying something worth doing or enjoying”.

A). T.Green✔️

B). I.Kant

C). H. Laski

D). J.S.Mill

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