Lecturer Political Science Solved MCQs Practice Test No. 18

1- Keeping in view the functions performed by the modern state it has been described as:

A). A police state

B). A totalitarian state

C). A capitalist state

D). A welfare state✔️

2- The view that the state is an end in itself was expressed by:

A). Early Greek thinkers✔️

B). Individualists

C). Marxists

D). Socialist

3- The view that “State comes into existence for the sake of life and it continues for the sake of good life” was expressed by:

A). Plato

B). Aristotle✔️

C). Bentham

D). Idealists

4- The liberal thinker of the nineteenth century considered the state as:

A). A welfare agency

B). A necessary evil✔️

C). Preserver of Liberty

D). Instrument of exploitation

5-The best exposition of liberal concept of the nature and functions of the state is found in the writings of:

A). Karl Marx

B). Jhon Locke✔️

C). Montesquieu

D). Machiavelli

6- The economic justification of individualism was offered by:

A). J. S. Mill

B). Adam Smith✔️

C). Herbert Smith

D). Locke

7- The Political Justification for individualism was offered by:

A). Herbert spencer

B). Marx

C). J. S. Mill✔️

D). Adam Smith

8- The ethical justification for individualism was offered by:

A). Locke

B). Adam Smith

C). Herbert spencer

D). J. S. Mill✔️

9- The scientific jurisdiction for individualism was offered by:

A). Herbert spencer✔️

B). Darwin

C). Locke

D). Marx

10-  According to individualists:

A). The state is the march of God on this earth

B). State is a positive good

C). State is a moral institution

D). State is a necessary evil✔️

11- The individuals were in favour of leaving the individual completely free because:

A). He is quarrelsome

B). He is unsocial

C). He is a rational being

D). He knows his interest best✔️

12- Who of the following is considered an exponent of modem individualism?

A). Graham Wallas✔️

B). Laski

C). Leatock

D). Hobbes

13- Which one of the following thinkers is associated with the Idealists theory of state?

A). Hobbes

B). Hegel✔️

C). J. S. Mill

D). Laski

14- The idealist theory is also known as:

A). Socialist theory

B). Welfare theory

C). Anarchist theory

D). Metaphysical Theory✔️

15- The view that the state is the march of God on earth is associated with:

A). The Divine origin theory

B). The Idealists✔️

C). Historical theory

D). The Anarchists

16- Which one of the following is also known as Laissez Faire Theory:

A). Individualism✔️

B). Idealism

C). The Socialists

D). Utilitarianists

17- The principle of ” greatest good of the greatest number”. was advocated by:

A). The individualists

B). The Socialists

C). Idealists

D). Utilitarianists✔️

18- The chief exponent of the Utilitarian philosophy was:

A). Locke

B). Rousseau

C). Bentham✔️

D). Laski

19- The modern state has been described as:

A). A welfare state✔️

B). An exploitative state

C). A moral institution

D). A police state

20- A welfare state performs:

A). Only welfare functions

B). Only protective functions

C). Both protective and welfare functions✔️

D). Either protective or welfare function

21- One of the protective functions performed by the welfare state is:

A). Provision of education

B). Regulation of working conditions

C). Protection of health

D). Protection of family and property✔️

22- A welfare state:

A). Does not impose any restriction on individual liberty

B). Restricts individual liberty✔️

C). Has nothing to do with liberty

D). Allows only economic liberty

23- A welfare state believes in:

A). Principle of equal taxation

B). Taxing only the industrialists

C). Graded taxation✔️

D). No taxation

24- The Socialists consider the state as:

A). A necessary evil

B). An instrument of exploitation✔️

C). A divine institution

D). A positive good

25- The term socialism was first used by:

A). Kroptikan

B). Marx

C). Robert Owen✔️

D). Bentham

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