Lecturer Political Science Solved MCQs Practice Test No. 17

1- The book origin of the Family, Private Property and the state which contains an elaborate statement regarding the origin of state was written by:

A). Karl Marx

B). Proudhan

C). Lenin

D). Engels✔️

2- According to Marxists:

A). State is a welfare institution

B). State is a class structure✔️

C). State is an instrument of emancipation

D). State is a positive good

3- Which one of the following statements can be attributed to the Marxists?

A). State is the march of God on earth

B). State is an instrument of Exploitation✔️

C). State is a Necessary Evil

D). State is a coordinating agency

4- Who said that ‘ The State is nothing more than a machine’ for the oppression of one class by another?

A). Marx

B). Lenin

C). Stalin

D). Engels✔️

5- Marxists are in favour of:

A). Doing away with the state✔️

B). Restricting the activities of state

C). Granting greater power to state

D). Granting only military and police functions to the state

6- According to Marxists, the  primitive society which existed before the creation of state worked on the principle:

A). Might is right

B). Survival of the fittest✔️

C). From each according to his needs

D). None of the above

7- The ‘ primitive society’ was regulated by:

A). Force

B). Written laws

C). Religious rules

D). Conventions and customs✔️

8- According to Marxists in the primitive society the natural resources were under the control of:

A). The King

B). The priests

C). All the people✔️

D). Military Leaders

9- According to the Marxists the slave owning society:

A). Preceded the creation of the state✔️

B). Followed the creation of the state

C). Did not exist at all

D). None of the above

10- According to the Marxists the state is:

A). A divine institution

B). A natural institution

C). A man made institution✔️

D). Result of evolution

11- Who said that’ the dictatorship of proletariat is the essence of Marx’s doctrine’?

A). Engels

B). Lenin✔️

C). Marx himself

D). Laski

12-The Marxists believe that the state was created for:

A). Maintenance of law and order

B). Protection of weaker sections of society

C). Elimination of slavery

D). Suppression and exploitation of have -nots✔️

13- The Marxist theory has advocated:

A). Capitalism

B). Communism✔️

C). Feudalism

D). Communalism

14- Which one of the following theories Ls associated with the concept of stateless society?

A). Socialism

B). Individualism

C). Idealism

D). Anarchism✔️

15- According to Marx the state Promotes:

A). Common good

B). Good of the poor people

C). And defends the interests of propertied classes✔️

D). Conditions which are conducive to men’s moral development

16- Marx borrowed from Hegel:

A). Materialist Philosophy

B). Labour theory of Value

C). Concept of stateless society

D). Dialectical method✔️

17- According to Marx the motive force of history is:

A). God’s will

B). Great ideas

C). Great Personalities

D). Forces of Production✔️

18- Which one of the followings believed in class struggle?

A). J. S. Mill

B). Hegel

C). Karl Marx✔️

D). T. H. Green

19- Who said: ‘ The workers of the world unite you have nothing to lose but your chains’?

A). Lenin

B). Marx✔️

C). Proudhan

D). Rousseau

20- Who said ” The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles”?

A). Lenin

B). Marx✔️

C). Trotsky

D). Stalin

21- According to Marx the modern bourgeois society is characterized by struggle between:

A). Capitalists and socialists

B). Free man and Slaves

C). Capitalist and worker✔️

D). Patrician and Plebeian

22- The Marxist theory lays great emphasis on:

A). Materialistic aspect✔️

B). Social and religious aspects

C). Political aspects

D). All the above

23-  ” The history of all hitherto existing societies is the history of class struggles”. This expression is to be found in:

A). Anti-Duhring

B). The Communist Manifesto✔️

C). State and Revolution

D). German ideology

24- Surplus value means:

A). Excessive Value

B). Low price

C). High profit

D). Difference between wages and proceeds of sales✔️

25- “The evolution of economic production in a society determines its institutional and ideological superstructure” Who among the following is the author of this statement?

A). Hegel

B). Marx✔️

C). Lenin

D). Green

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