Lecturer Health & Physical Education Test 37 Solved MCQs

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Test Instructions:-
Test Name Lecturer Physical Education
Subject Physical Education Test 37
Test Type MCQs
Total Questions 25
Total Time 20 Minutes
Total Marks 100

You have 20 minutes to pass to the quiz.


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The ______ is the system in the body means of perceiving and responding to events in the internal and external environment.

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Muscle contraction happens when the muscle contracts and shortens at a constant and consistent rate of speed is maximum over the full range of motion.

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______ helps in different functions but not a source of energy.

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Types of muscle fibers

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Metabolic process that breaks down(destructive process) large molecules into smaller molecules also release energy.

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It is of clavicle during upward movement.

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The ______ is located inside the base of the skull just above the spinal cord.

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Metabolic process that breaks down(destructive process) large molecules into smaller molecules also release energy.

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_____ is not contributed in energy process.

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An ______ contraction of a muscle generate force without changing length.

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Hemoglobin found in which muscle fibers.

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Skeletal muscle are made up of muscle fibers are called.

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These muscle action help abduction and also flexor and two melanin.

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_______ is the chemical process that occurs inside the cell of body and maintain the living organisms.

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____ provide energy to muscles directly

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In _________ the tension in muscle remains constant despite a change in muscle length.

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Slow twitch muscle fibers has.

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Slow twitch muscle fiber use in which energy system

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The name of pectoral region muscle are.

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Metabolic process that builds( constructive processes) molecules the body needs that Requires energy.

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It is powerful extensor of elbow joint.

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In which muscle fibers,myoglobin found.

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In _______ the force generated is sufficient to overcome the resistance and the muscle shorten as it contracts.

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It helps in forced inspiration.

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During an _______contraction the muscle elongated while under tension due to an opposing force greater than the muscle generates.

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