Intelligent Agents, Environment and Online Search Agent MCQs

1). What is Artificial intelligence?

a)- Putting your intelligence into Computer

b)- Programming with your own intelligence

c)- Making a Machine intelligent ✔️

d)- Playing a Game

e)-Putting more memory into Computer

2). Which is not the commonly used programming language for AI?


b)- Java

c)- LISP

d)- Perl ✔️

e)- Java script

3). Which instruments are required for perceiving and acting upon the environment?

a)- Sensors and Actuators ✔️

b)- Sensors

c)- Perceiver

d)- None of the above

4). An ‘agent’ is anything that, =

a)- Perceives its environment through sensors and acting upon that environment through actuators

b)- Takes input from the surroundings and uses its intelligence and performs the desired operations

c)- A embedded program controlling line following robot

d)- All of the mentioned✔️

5). Agents behavior can be best described by=

a)- Perception sequence

b)- Agent function ✔️

c)- Sensors and Actuators

d)- Environment in which agent is performing

6). What is rational at any given time depends on=

a)- The performance measure that defines the criterion of success

b)- The agent’s prior knowledge of the environment

c)- The actions that the agent can perform

d)- The agent’s percept sequence to date

e)- All of the above ✔️

7). The Task Environment of an agent consists of=

a)- Sensors

b)- Actuators

c)- Performance Measures

d)- Environment

e) All of the above ✔️

8). What could possibly be the environment of a Satellite Image Analysis System?

a)- Computers in space and earth

b)- Image categorization techniques

c)- Statistical data on image pixel intensity value and histograms

d)- All of the mentioned ✔️

9). How many types of agents are there in artificial intelligence?

a)- 1

b)- 2

c)- 3

d)- 4 ✔️

10). Satellite Image Analysis System is (Choose the one that is not applicable).

a) Episodic

b) Semi-Static

c) Single agent

d) Partially Observable ✔️

11). What is the rule of simple reflex agent?

a)- Simple-action rule

b)- Condition-action rule ✔️

c)- Both a & b

d)- None of the mentioned

12). An agent is composed of:

a)- Architecture

b)- Agent Function

c)- Perception Sequence

d)- Architecture and Program ✔️

13). In which of the following agent does the problem generator is present?

a)- Learning agent ✔️

b)- Observing agent

c)- Reflex agent

d)- None of the mentioned

14). Which search agent operates by interleaving computation and action?

a)- Offline search

b)- Online search ✔️

c)- Breadth-first search

d)- Depth-first search

15). What is called as exploration problem?

a)- State and actions are unknown to the agent ✔️

b)- State and actions are known to the agent

c)- Only actions are known to agent

d)- Both b & c

16). Which are necessary for an agent to solve an online search problem?

a)- Actions

b)- Step-cost function

c)- Goal-test

d)- All of the mentioned ✔️

17). When do we call the states are safely explorable?

a)- A goal state is unreachable from any state

b)- A goal state is denied access

c)- A goal state is reachable from every state ✔️

d)- None of the mentioned

18). In which state spaces does the online-dfs-agent will work?

a)- Irreversible state spaces

b)- Reversible state spaces ✔️

c)- searchable state spaces

d)- All of the mentioned

19). Which of the following algorithm is online searchalgorithm?

a)- Breadth-first search algorithm

b)- Depth-first search algorithm

c)- Hill-climbing search algorithm ✔️

d)- None of the mentioned

20). Which search algorithm will use limited amount of memory?

  1. a) RBFS
  2. b) SMA*
  3. c) Hill-climbing search algorithm
  4. d) Both a & b ✔️

21). What is meant by simulated annealing in artificial intelligence?

a)- Returns an optimal solution when there is a proper cooling schedule ✔️

b)- Returns an optimal solution when there is no proper cooling schedule

c)- It will not return an optimal solution when there is a proper cooling schedule

d)- None of the mentioned

22). How the new states are generated in genetic algorithm?

a)- Composition

b)- Mutation

c)- Cross-over

d)- Both b & c ✔️

23). Which method is effective for escaping from local minima?

a)- Updating heuristic estimate ✔️

b)- Reducing heuristic estimate

c)- Eliminating heuristic estimate

d)- None of the mentioned

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