Highest and Lowest (Continental Altitudes) General Knowledge

Highest and Lowest (Continental Altitudes)

Continent  Highest Point Feet Elevation Lowest Point Feet Below Sea Level
Asia Mount Everest (Nepal-Tibet) 29,029 Dead Sea (Israel-Jordan) -1,384.5
South America Aconcagua (Argentina) 22,830 Laguna del Carbon (Argentina -344.5
North America Mount McKinley (United States) 20,335 Trough beneath Jakobshavn Isbrae (Greenland) -4960.6
Africa Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) 19,341 Lake Assal (Djibouti) -508.5
Europe Mount Elbrus (Russia) 18,481 Caspian Sea (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran, Turkmenistan) -91.9
Antarctica Vinson Massif (Antarctica) 16,050 Bentley Subglacial Trench (Antarctica) -8,333.3
Australia Puncak Jaya (Papua-Indonesia) 16,24 Lake Eyre (South Australia) -49.2

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