Headmaster Headmistress Past Paper 2016 of PPSC Solved MCQs

(1).The founder of Scout Movement was:

(A). E.O. Lawrence

(B). Florence Nightingale

(C). Robert Baden Powell

(D). None of these

(2). Curriculum emphasized for primary classes is:

(A). Activity Centered Curriculum

(B). Integrated Curriculum

(C). Decrease in number of books

(D). Horizontal Organization

(3). Stats quo means:

(A). Existing Situation

(B). In good faith

(C). According to status

(D). Status conscious

(4). Which device among the following is used to send digital data over a phone line?

(A). USB

(B). Scanner

(C). Printer

(D). Modem

(5). How would you make your students independent?

(A). Give responsibility to everyone

(B). Giving orders and expecting obedience

(C). Ignoring their petty fights

(D). Solving their Problems

(6). Teacher centered instruction which includes lecturer, presentation, and recitation is:

(A). Direct Instruction

(B). Indirect instruction

(C). Discovery learning

(D). Concept Mapping

(7). According to Socrates, Education was praise and ignorance a:

(A). Bad Luck

(B). Truth

(C). Sin

(D). None of these

(8). If I am sixth in queue from either end. How many are there in the queue?

(A). 11

(B). 9

(C). 12

(D). 13

(9). According to Piaget, a child understands logical operations or priniciples for problem solving in:

(A). Sensory Motor Stage

(B). Concrete Operational Stage

(C). Formal Operational Stage

(D). Preoperational Stage

(10). For a teacher teaching a class with large strength, which of the techniques is best? 

(A). Debate, discussions, practical

(B). Group work with a lecture

(C). Lecture and class notes

(D). Self-study and asking questions

(11). The variable that you change in the experiment, also called the manipulated variable, is:

(A). Controlled

(B). Dependent

(C). Independent

(D). Responding

(12). Sergeant Report was presented in:

(A). 1943

(B). 1944

(C). 1945

(D). 1946

(13). Which of the following diseases is contagious:

(A). Rabies

(B). Tetanus

(C). Cancer

(D). Typhoid

(14). Why is Ozone important for mankind?

(A). Protection from ultraviolet rays of sun

(B). It releases oxygen in the air

(C). It maintains temperature of the earth

(D). It releases hydrogen in the atmosphere

(15). Which software would be useful in integrating art into the work of beginners or very young student?

(A). Image manipulation software

(B). Integrated software

(C). Multimedia software

(D). Animation Software

(16). Who was the last Governor General and first President of Pakistan?

(A). Quaid-i-Azam

(B). Liaqat Ali Khan

(C). Iskandar Mirza

(D). Ayub Khan

(17). A prominent French Philosopher, scientist and mathematician was profoundly influenced by Al-Ghazzali’s mysticism:

(A). Blaise Pascal

(B). Rousseau

(C). Jean Bodin

(D). None of these

(18). How would you dress yourself as a teacher?  

(A). Comfortably

(B). Dignified

(C). Fashionably

(D). Traditionally

(19). While selecting a content for curriculum one of the criterion is its:

(A). Relevance with goals

(B). Suitability to age of pupils

(C). Difficulty

(D). Significance

(20). Which of the following is division able by 2,3 and 5?

(A). 390

(B). 575

(C). 590

(D). 675

(21). In stating the purpose of education, pragmatists would probably stress the need for:

(A). Instruction in the classics

(B). Experiences in democratic socials process

(C). Instruction in the process of scientific investigation

(D). Individual learning experiences

(22). According to Lev Vigotsky discrepancy between a child’s mental age and the level he reaches in solving problem with assistance is:

(A). Existing potential  

(B). Probability

(C). Capacity of learning

(D). Zone of proximal development

(23). The content of a subject matter can be evaluated by …….. in its various contents areas:

(A). Written test

(B). Self-assessment

(C). Testing students

(D). Discussion with class

(24). Curriculum is a fixed programme of courses in …………of curriculum:

(A). Old Concept

(B). Contemporary

(C). Logical concept

(D). Modern Concept

(25). It is less creative in nature as it depends on techniques laid down by the management:

(A). Administration

(B). Supervision

(C). Both A & B

(D). All of these

(26). Which not an aspect of mind according to the Realist, theory of knowing?

(A). Awareness

(B). Consciousness

(C). Behavior

(D). Processing of awareness

(27). Symposium is a type of:

(A). Discussion Method

(B). Discovery Method

(C). Lecture Method

(D). Demonstration Method

(28). Why is learning by doing important?

(A). It develops interests among children

(B). Maintains discipline

(C). Keeps children busy

(D). Promotes meaningful learning

(29). Instrument used for measuring sample of behavior is:

(A). Test

(B). Measurement

(C). Assessment

(D). Evaluation

(30). Identify the correct spellings in the following set of words:

(A). Ocassionally

(B). Occasionally

(C). Ocassionaly

(D). Occasionaly

(31). Dyslexia associated with:

(A). Mental disorder

(B). Mathematical disorder

(C). Reading disorder

(D). Behavioral disorder

(32). In cooperative method teachers act as a delegator mearis i:he teacher act as a/an …. To the students:

(A). Resource

(B). Partner

(C). Evaluator

(D). Expert

(33). The variables in the experiment that do not change are called the ….. variables:

(A). Controlled

(B). independent

(C). Dependent

(D). Manipulated

(34). A method of observation is a:

(A). Grade equivalent

(B). Standard score

(C). Rating scale

(D). Stanine

(35). Fill in the blank with correct preposition:

Do not cry …………….spilt milk

(A). On

(B). About

(C). Over

(D). An
(36). Which form of reasoning is the process of drawing a specific conclusion from a set of premises?

(A). Rationalism

(B). Deductive reasoning

(C). Inductive reasoning

(D). Probabilistic

(37). A procedure through which one arrives at a fact, principle, rule or generalization from some specific cases or examples is called:

(A). Inductive method

(B). Deductive method

(C). Logical method

(D). Indirect method
(38). Curriculum consists of:

(A). Intended educational aims

(B). Out world expression of educational programs

(C). All planned learning activities

(D). All of these

(39). Which of the following is a highly desirable feature of a scientific study?

(A). Selective attrition

(B). Demand characteristics

(C). Replicability 

(D). Illusory co-relational

(40). In which type of memory, retention is unlimited?

(A). Sensory Register

(B). Short Term Memory

(C). Long Term Memory

(D). Work Memory

(41). Who said, “Experiences lead to the scientific approach”

(A). Al-Ghazzali

(B). Plato

(C). John Dewey

(D). Ibn-e-Khaldun

(42). Which of the following is called Magna Carta of Education:

(A). Charter Act, 1813

(B). Macaulay Report

(C). Wood Dispatch

(D). Wood Dispatch

(43). Which of the following is not instructional material?

(A). Over Head Projector

(B). Audio Cassette

(C). Printed Material

(D). Transparency

(44). Who was the first Chief Justice of Pakistan?

(A). A.R. Cornelius

(B). M.R. Kiyani

(C). Abdul Rashid

(D). Maulana Tamiz ud Din Khar

(45). A Phenomenon in which something that was previously learned facilitates new learning tasks is:

(A). Transfer of learning

(B). Negative transfer of learning

(C). Positive transfer of learning

(D). Current transfer of learning

(46). The first country to recognize Pakistan after independence was:

(A). Iran

(B). Saudi Arabia

(C). China

(D). Turkey

(47). Which of the following is true about the ways of leaning for students:

(A). Speed of learning is same for all students

(B). Each child has a unique learning style

(C). Children follow the way other student learn

(D). All children immediately follow teacher’s instruction

(48). A hyperlink is:

(A). A word phrase that, when clicked, displays another document

(B). A scripting language

(C). A word wide web gateway

(D). A system that employs multimedia resources

(49). Complete the series 5, 9, 17, 33, ……………?

(A). 74

(B). 72

(C). 65

(D). 60

(50). Kashmir dispute was taken to the UN Security Council by India in:

(A). October 1947

(B). December 1947

(C). January 1948

(D). None of these

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