Headmaster Dy. Headmistress Solved MCQs

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Test Name                : Headmaster/ Headmistress Test No. 5

Subject                     : Education, B. Ed & M.Ed

Test Type                  MCQs

Total Question         : 25

Total Marks              : 25

Total Time                : 25 Minutes

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You have 25 minutes to pass to the quiz.

You have 25 minutes to pass to the quiz.

Headmaster / Headmistress (Practice Test No. 5)

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National curriculum is actually:

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Determination whether good or bad refers:

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Rote learning is a demerit of:

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The Socratic Method is known as:

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In norm referenced test the comparison is between:

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Curriculum is interpreted to mean all the organized courses activities and experiences which students have under the direction of the school whether in the  classroom or not is said by:

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Supervision is characterized with:

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Educational objectives are mainly derived from:

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which projector projects the image on transparencies on the screen:

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The inspection of schools concept was firstly started in:

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Which method has made educational psychology a science:

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In Pakistan final approval of school curriculum is responsibility of:

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Reflection of john Dewey thoughts is own seen in:

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Profession is employed for:

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Pure Islamic education system no support from British Govt was main theme of:

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In norm referenced test the comparison is between:

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School curriculum is defined as:

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The motivation to do something for its own sake is:

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Human beings are looked upon as individuals living in societies through:

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Who is not a curriculum practitioner:

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Acquittance roll is used for:

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Head usually treat the employees with strict disciplines represent the theory model:

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Teacher performs practically and explains in:

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According to which theory effective leadership depends on the interaction of leader personal traits behavior and factors in leadership situation:

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Shah wali Allah Philosophy was based on:

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