Headmaster/Deputy Headmaster Past Paper of 2016 Solved MCQs

 (1). Good reading aims at developing:

(A). Understanding

(B). pronunciation

 (C). Sensitivity

(D). Increasing factual knowledge

(2). A father is 9 times as old as his son and the mother is 8 times as old as the son sum of fathers   and mother age is 51 what is the age of son?

(A). 7

 (B). 5

(C). 4

 (D). 3

(3). Diamer Bhasha Dam is being constructed in:

(A). Baluchistan

(B). Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

(C). Gilgit- Baltistan

(D). Sindh

(4). The Chief responsibility of the principal is:

 (A). Organize and administer the guidance programmed

 (B). Provide leadership in instructional plan 

(C). Maintain school record

(D). Handle discipline problems

(5). The role of a teacher in inquiry –based learning is of :

(A). Instructor


(C). Delegator

(D). Formal authority

(6). Who led the Pakistan delegation to 17th NAM summit concluded recently in Venezuela:

(A). Tariq Fatemi

(B). President Mamnoon Hussain

(C). Sartaj Aziz

(D).Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

(7).What is other name of Direct Instruction:

(A). Explicit teaching

(B) Media teaching 

(C). Non media teaching

(D). Research teaching

(8).A child,s low self- esteem may be caused by:

(A). Competence in an area

(B). Family conflict

(C). Emotional Support

(D). Social approval

(9). Which of the following pairs is incorrectly matched:

(A). Piaget- Moral Development

(B). Maslow- Hierarchy of Need

(C). Thorndike- Theory X and Y

(D). Skinner- Programmed learning

(10). Item Analysis focuses to find out:

(A). facility index

(B). Discrimination power

(C).Effectiveness of Distracters

(D). All of these

(11). A problem child has:

(A). Pampering guardians

(B). Hereditary problems

(C). IQ problems

(D). Physical problem

(12). Which type of research provides the strongest evidence about the existence of cause and effect relationship:

(A). Non- experimental Research

(B). Experimental Research

(C). Mixed Method Research

(D). Quasi Research

(13). Curriculum presents instruction material is stated by:

(A). Smith

(B). Wheller

(C). Jack Kerr

(D). Non Of these

(14). The selection of particular design is influenced by:

(A). Types

(B). Elements


(D). Principle

(15). The most important factor which resists the curriculum change is:

(A). Aristocratic class of the society

(B). Political leaders


(D). Parents

(16). The procedure of philosophy is based on:

(A). Rational thoughts

(B). Intuitive experience 


(D). Psychological experiments

(17). Among the influence of Pestalozzi and Herbart upon education should be listed the:

(A). Normal school as an agency for training teaches

(B). interjections of religion into curriculum  

(C). Substitution of child centered for subject centered

(D). Teaching of subject matter through memoriter learning

(18).What is the meaning of: ANTITHESIS

(A). Direct opposite

(B). Wrong judgment

(C). Jeopardy

 (D). Careless

(19). Echoes are produced due to:

(A). Reflection of sound

(B). Refraction of sound

(C). Diffraction of sound

 (D). Polarization of sound

(20). Common salt is also called:

(A). Sodium Ghloride

 (B). Amino acid

(C). Potassium

(D). Sodium

(21). Learning involves acquiring new ways of processing information and revising existing processes:

(A).Cognitive view of learning

(B).Behavioral view of learning

(C). Social view of learning

(D). Constructionist view of learning

(22). The behavior occurring the reinforce:

 (A). Operant conditioning

 (B).Reinforcing stimulus

(C). Extinction

(D).Negative reinforcement

(23). Study of the mind is called:

(A). Sociology

(B). Anthropology

(C). Anatomy

(D). Psychology

(24). Secondary school Educators are appointed in BPS:

(A). 9

(B). 14  

(C). 16

 (D). 17

(25). A multiple choice question is composed of question or statement is referred as:

(A). Correct answer 

 (B). Tick

(C). Distracter

 (D). Stem

(26). In addressing the subject matter of the curriculum pragmatist teachers would more than likely:

(A). Be highly structured

(B). Rely heavily on the scientific method of inquiry

(C). Exercise flexibility and try to be innovative

(D). Encourage students to address it as they believe they should

(27). The role of teacher in inquiry-based learning is of:

(A). Instructor

(B). Facilitator

(C). Delegator

 (D). Formal authority

(28). Choose the option that best explains He has made his mark in politics:

(A). Attained notoriety

 (B). Distinguished himself

(C). Acquired wealth

(D). Wasted money

(29). According to Vygotsky’s stage when the child self-talks it is called:

 (A). Social Speech

 (B). Private speech

(C). Personal speech

(D). Egocentric speech

(30). Execution of plans and decisions is the part of:

(A). Planning

(B). Organizing

(C). Commanding

(D). Coordinating

(31).WORM in the field of computers stands for:

(A). write once Read Many

(B). Writable on Random Memory

(C). Writ once Read Memory

(D). None of these

(32).The development of a solid foundation of reliable knowledge typically is built form which type of research:

(A). Basic research

(B). Action research

(C). Evaluation research

 (D). Orientation research

(33). (5×7) / (14×10) =?

 (A). 1/4

(B). 50/98

(C). 35/140

(D). 6

(34). In realist schools the curriculum would probably be focused rather sharply on:

(A). Studies in the natural and behavioral sciences

 (B). The humanities

(C). Business and other practical subject

(D). History and the fine arts

(35).Who was twentieth century Existentialist:

(A). Soren Kiekegaard

(B). D.J O.Connor

(C). Jean paul Sartre

(D). Hegal 

(36). A cooperative learning grouping in which students meet  together for sharing ideas is:

 (A). Sharing method

(B). Discussion method

(C). Team method

(D). Group method  

(37). Fill in the blank the hockey team was robbed victory because of the last minute goal:

(A). Off

(B). From

(C). Of

(D). By

(38). Like Ibn-e-Sina Imam Ghazali believes that education of should begin with:

(A). Playing

(B). Prayer

(C). Quran

(D). Writing

(39). Concrete operation occurs at the age of:

(A). 3-5 year

(B). 4-6 year

(C). 7-12 years

(D). 6-12 years 

(40). The term CAI in education stands for:

(A). Computer Arithmetic instruction

(B). Computer Assisted instruction

(C). Community Assisted instruction

(D). Community Administered instruction

(41). Summative assessment is an assessment learning:

(A). to

(B). of 

(C). by 

(D). for  

(42). After reviewing the Education Policy 1998-2010 the White Paper was published which became the basis for development of the new Education policy. The White Paper was published in:

(A). 2005

 (B). 2006

(C). 2007

 (D). 2008

(43). Text Book Board was recommended to establishment under:

(A). Educational Conference 1947

 (B). National Education Commission 1959

(C). National Education Policy 1970

 (D). National Education Policy 1972

(44). School Should arrange co-curricular activities for the students because it:

(A). Makes the students regular

 (B). Gives a better insight into the content

(C). Gives benefits to school

 (D). Makes the school’s program attractive

(45). In MS-WORD where can you change the vertical alignment?

(A). Formatting Toolbar

 (B). Paragraph Dialog Box

(C). Page Setup

 (D). Standard Tool Box

(46). A crime that involves Computer / Internet or social media is called:

(A). Antisocial act

 (B). Technical crime

(C). Cyber Crime

 (D). Professional Crime

(47). Technicians, Librarians and reprographic assistants, fall under the category of:

(A). Administrative staff

 (B). Support staff

(C). Teaching staff

 (D). Inspection team

(48). The SWOT approaches assess an organization’s:

(A). Speed, Wants, Order, Timing

 (B). Structure, Workforce, Organization, Types

(C). Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats

 (D). Signs, Worries, Objectives, Techniques

(49). In Jamia Millia Islamia, the fourth stage of curriculum was known as:

(A). Primary Stage

 (B). Honour Stage

(C). Higher Stage

 (D). Post Degree Stage

(50). Symposium is a type of:

(A). Discovery method

 (B). Discussion method

(C). Lecture method

 (D). Demonstration method

(51). A father

(A). 7

 (B). 5

(C). 4

 (D). 3

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