FPSC PPSC NTS Lecturer Education MCQs Practice Test No. 21

1- The successful and systematic academic working of classes in the school depends on:

(A). Syllabus

(B). Time table✔️

(C). Teacher

(D). Instruction

2- Most ignored aspect in education field is:

(A). Monitoring aspect

(B). Trained of teachers✔️

(C). Planning aspect

(D). Research and development

3- When, What, Why and How, to teach is the main task of:

(A). Audio visual aids

(B). Education psychology✔️

(C). Education philosophy

(D). Social view of a society

4- According to whom “curriculum is a plan for learning”:

(A). Olivia

(B). Taba✔️

(C). Dewey

(D). Kerr

5- For better teaching learning process, the best method is:

(A). Lecture method

(B). Project method✔️

(C). Team teaching

(D). Interactive method

6- The responsibility of implementing the curriculum in the classroom lies primarily with the:

(A). Principal

(B). Classroom teacher✔️

(C). Student

(D). D.E.O

7- Cognitive development deals with:

(A). Body

(B). Mind✔️

(C). Society

(D). Emotions

8- It alone does not provide adequate basis of developing a scope of well-rounded education:

(A). Activity curriculum

(B). Core curriculum

(C). Subject curriculum

(D). Hidden curriculum✔️

9- Educational training enhances:

(A). Ability

(B). Skill✔️

(C). Information

(D). Work performance

10- Better physical setting of classroom requires:

(A). Seating arrangements

(B). Lighting in the classroom

(C). Controlling ventilation

(D). Overall comfortable and healthful environment✔️

11- Students are active in:

(A). Project method✔️

(B). Recitation method

(C). Lecture method

(D). Inquiry method

12- What do you mean by 3 Rs?

(A). Reading, listening, understanding

(B). Reading, writing, eating

(C). Reading, writing, arithmetic✔️

(D). Reading, writing, listening

13- The communication flowing from subordinates to superiors, is known as:

(A). Diagonal communication

(B). Horizontal communication

(C). Upward communication✔️

(D). Downward communication

14- Values are closely related to the concept of truth for:

(A). Realist ✔️

(B). Idealist

(C). Pragamatist

(D). Existentialist

15- The primary task of the teacher is:

(A). To teach the prescribed curriculum✔️

(B). To promote habits of conformity to adults demands and expectations

(C). To provide diagnostic and remedial aid whenever indicated

(D). Using audio visual aids

16- The education confined to educational institution is:

(A). Informal education

(B). Non-formal education

(C). Formal education✔️

(D). Semi-formal education

17- Solo Taxonomy provides systematic way of describing the learner’s:

(A). Ability

(B). Understanding ✔️

(C). Performance

(D). Skill

18- Andragogy techniques are used to teach:

(A). Teenagers

(B). Adults✔️

(C). Children

(D). Toddlers

19- Managing school records is main duty of:

(A). School teacher

(B). Clerk

(C). School head✔️

(D). Education officer

20- Teaching as per lesson plan in a school is usually supervised by:

(A). Teacher educator

(B). Teacher

(C). Headmaster✔️

(D). District Education Officer.

21- The pursuit of wisdom and knowledge is:

(A). Philosophy ✔️

(B). Psychology

(C). History

(D). Sociology

22- In the subject centered curriculum, the important element is:

(A). Division of knowledge✔️

(B). Social study

(C). Mixing of activity

(D). Psychomotor development

23- Study of great books is at the core of:

(A). Perennialism ✔️

(B). Essentilalism

(C). Progressivism

(D). Reconstruction

24- Which of the following activity DOES NOT fall in psychomotor domain?

(A). Hand writing

(B). Ball throwing

(C). Creating ideas ✔️

(D). Sketching

25-The word DDO means:

(A). Drawing and Disbursing officer✔️

(B). District Development Officer

(C). Devolution and Development Officer

(D). Deputy Divisional Officer

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