FPSC Lecturer Pak Studies Solved MCQs Practice Test No. 11

1- On 9th July 1950, Pakistan joined?





2- When Pakistan joined World Bank?

A).14 July , 1950

B).09 July , 1950

C).11 July , 1950

D).15 July , 1950

3- What is the total length of coastline of Pakistan?

A).1020 km

B).1046 km

C).1095 km

D)1126 km

4- Which is the largest university of Pakistan?

A). Quaid-i-Azam university

B). Punjab university

C). Karachi university

D). Govt. college university

5- Who authored the book ‘ llam-ul- Iqtisad”?

A). Ibn-al-Hatham

B). Imam Ghazali

C).Abu zahra

D). Allama Iqbal

6- ” K ” in Pakistan stands for what?

A). Kashmore

B). Khyber

C). Kashmir

D). Karachi

7- How many hours Pakistan is ahead of GMT?





8- Who was the first woman ruler of Delhi?

A). Chand Bibi

B). Noor jehan

C). Razia sultana

D). None of these

9- In which season reservoirs of Punjab and Sindh are alive with migrant birds?

A). Winter

B). Spring season

C). Summer

D). Spring and Winter

10- The total length of Line of Control in Kashmir is:

A).720 km

B).760 km

C).780 km

D).None of these

11- The percentage of Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir is?





12- ERRA is the abbreviation of:

A). Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority

B). Earthquake Reconstruction and Relief Authority


D).None of these

13- Ghandara Art is related to:

A). Mohenjo-Daro

B). Lot Digi

C). Harrapa

D). Taxila

14- At the time of the establishment of Pakistan, how many factories were there in the subcontinent?





15- How much forest area a country should have:





16- Which mountain of Pakistan is as youngest mountain range in the world?

A). Himalaya range

B). Hindu Kush range

C). Karakoram range

D). None of these

17- Black Hole episode in which 146 English prisoners were confined in the very small room and only 23 survived, occurred, during the regime of:

A).Shuja-ud- Daula

B). Alivardi khan

C). Siraj-ud- Daula

D). Mir Qasim

18- Which sector is the largest consumer of Oil?

A). Power and energy

B). Transport

C). Industry

D). None of these

19-  Which of the following countries has a Chief Justice Who is a Pakistani by birth?

A). Malaysia

B). Senegal

C). Gambia

D). South Africa

20- which is the most thinly populated province of Pakistan?


B). Punjab

C). Baluchistan

D). Sindh

21- Qatub-u- Din Aibek died during playing:

A). Hockey

B). Polo✔️

C). Cricket

D). Football

22- Allama  Shabir  Ahmad Usmani formed,a party of Ulema called:

A). Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam

B).Jamiat Ulema-e- Pakistan

C). Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind

D). None of these

23- Height of Lahore from sea level:

A).560 feet

B).680 feet

C).580 feet

D).702 feet

24- The Lahore Resolution was seconded by ___ who gave a brief history of the causes which led the Muslims to demand a separate state for themselves:

A). Choudhury Khaliq-uz-zaman

B).Allama Muhammad Iqbal

C). Maulana Muhhamad Ali

D). Maulana Shaukat Ali

25- who put an end to the system of Dual Government in Bengal?

A). Warren Hastings

B). Lord Dalhousie

C). Lord Mayo

D). Lord Clive

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