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Test NameLecturer Pak Studies
SubjectPak Studies Test 72
Test TypeMCQs
Total Questions25
Total Time20 Minutes
Total Marks100

You have 20 minutes to pass to the quiz.

Lecturer Pak Studies Online Test No. 72

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The governorship of Bengal became hereditary with:

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Bahadur Shah's policy of compromise and conciliation initially succeeded in improving relations with:

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Murshid Quli khan, the Mughal governor of Bengal, was originally:

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Where did the battle between the Armies of the Mughal emperor and Nadir Shah take place in February 1939?

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The Syed Brothers came into prominence and emerged powerful during the reign of:

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Who deposed Shah jahan II and proclaimed Ali Gauhar as emperor with the title of Shah Alam II?

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During whose reign was the government controlled by the Queen mother Udham Bai and her paramour?

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Whom did Ahmad Shah Abdali proclaim emperor of India before leaving India after the third battle of panipat?

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With the help of which of the following nobles did Jahandar shah secure the throne?

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With whose support did Farrukhsiyar come to the throne after deposing Jahandar shah?

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The last Mughal emperor who was deported to Rangoon by the English on the charge of participating in the revolt of 1857 was:

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A courtesan called Lal Kunwar dominated the affairs of the Mughal Empire during the reign of:

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Against whom did Bahadur Shah take strong measures and was able to contain his activities?

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The most powerful noble during the reign of Bahadur Shah and Jahandar shah was:

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The Later Mughal emperor Shah Alam II was actually known as:

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Which of the following did not take part in the conspiracy for the fail of the Syed Brothers?

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In 1788 the latter Mughal emperor Shah Alam II was blinded by an Afghan Chief called:

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Which of the following played the role of king maker in placing Alamgir II on the throne?

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In 1760, who stripped off the silver ceiling of the Diwan - i - khas at the Red Fort in Delhi and minted Rs.9 lakhs out of it?

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The number of later Mughal rulers placed on and overthrown from the throne by the syed Brothers was:

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The son of Aurangzeb who succeeded him under the title of Bahadur Shah was:

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At the time of third battle of panipat, the Mughal emperor was:

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Which of the following was not one of the ways in which the invasions of Ahmad Shah Abdali affected the history of India?

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Two Puppet kings, namely Rafi -ud-Darajat and Rafi -ud-Daula whom the " king - makers" ( Syed Brothers) raised to the throne in quick succession were the sons of:

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Ahmed Shah Abdali or Durrani invaded India several times between 1748 and 1757.During which of his compaigns was he defeated and put to fight?

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