Education Solved Past Papers MCQs Practice Test No. 4

1- Acquaintance role is used for:

(A). Salary disbursement✔️

(B). Stock entries

(C). Govt. grant files

(D). Expenditures record

2- National curriculum is actually:

(A). Intended curriculum✔️

(B). Learned curriculum

(C). Taught curriculum

(D). Experimental curriculum

3- Rote learning is demerit of:

(A). Subject centered curriculum✔️

(B). Learner centered curriculum

(C). Broad field curriculum

(D). Integrated curriculum

4- Which projector project the image of transparencies on the screen:

(A). Overhead✔️

(B). Opaque :

(C). Film

(D). Slide

5- School curriculum is defined as:

(A). Material of instruction

(B). Methods of instruction

(C). Courses of study

(D). Experiences organized by school✔️

6- Dy. DEO Supervision and monitor the school:

(A). Markaz level

(B). Tehsil level✔️

(C). District

(D). Provincial level

7- In norm reference test the comparison is made between:

(A). Group

(B). Individual✔️

(C). Classes

(D). Interest

8- Curriculum interpreted to mean all the organized courses activities and experiences which student have under the directions of the school whether in the classroom or not is said by:

(A). Gay

(B). Hilda Taba✔️

(C). Dewy

(D). Frobel

9- Projective technique are used to measure the students:

(A). Aptitude

(B). Intelligence

(C). Knowledge

(D). Personality✔️

10- Real mentorship in school created by having relationship  is called:

(A). Ethical

(B). Professional✔️

(C). Social

(D) Cultural

11- The father of modern theory of management is:

(A). Tyler

(B). Henry Fayol✔️

(C). Max weber

(D). Gullick

12-Articles purchased for school use are entered in:

(A). Cash register

(B). Stock register✔️

(C). Acquaintance roll

(D). Contingency register

13- The process of adaptation in Piaget’s cognitive:

(A). Assimilation and accommodation✔️

(B). Accommodation and recognition

(C). Assimilation and recognition

(D). Accommodation and interpretation

14-What was basis for claiming a separate state of the Muslim in subcontinent:

(A). Custom and Hairstyle

(B). Tradition and custom

(C). Educational system and geographical need

(D). Religious and culture✔️

15- In Jamia Millia Dehli the medium of instruction was prescribed to the language:

(A). English

(B). Arabic

(C). English and Urdu

(D). Urdu✔️

16- The successful and systematic working of a school depends upon on a suitable:

(A). Head

(B). Time table✔️

(C). Curriculum

(D). Management

17-The first all Pakistan educational conference was presided by:

(A). Muhammad Ali Jinnah

(B). Fazal-ur-Rehman✔️

(C). Nawabzada Liaqat Ali Khan

(D). Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar

18- According to crow and crow the purpose of formal education is to:

(A). Make student more intelligent

(B). Make student active and constructive member of society✔️

(C). Form definite opinion in the mind of student

(D). Create good names of nation

19- Al-ghazali stated that in his quest for knowledge he started studying:

(A). Literature

(B). Philosophy✔️

(C). Science

(D). Religion

20- The purpose of education range from:

(A). Birth to death✔️

(B). Childhood to adulthood

(C). Adulthood to old age

(D). Adolescence to maturity

21- Scientific and technical knowledge is obtained through:

(A). Experience.

(B). Intuition

(C). Observation.

(D). Experience and observation✔️

22- The practical aspect of philosophy is:

(A). Education✔️

(B). Instruction

(C). Learning

(D). Measurement

23- Education is the process of child individual in natural environment was stated by:

(A). Rousseau✔️

(B). J.S. Mill

(C). Aristotle

(D). Plato

24- Experience lead to scientific approached was described by:

(A). Plato

(B). John Dewy✔️

(C). J.S. Mills

(D). Shah walli ullah

25- In Pakistan the level of general education are:

(A). Two

(B). Three✔️

(C). Four

(D). Five

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