Education Solved Past Papers MCQs Practice Test No. 3

1- The concept of free education was given by:

(A). John Dewy

(B). Frobel✔️

(C). Aristotle

(D). John

2-Research study starts from:

(A). Development of hypothesis

(B). Testing the hypothesis

(C). Data collection

(D). Finding problem✔️

3-In planning and implementing curricula it draw concept from:

(A). Culture✔️

(B). Nation

(C). Religion

(D). Govt.

4-Which of the following is the heart of management process:

(A). Planning✔️

(B). Problem solving

(C). Coordination

(D). Mentoring

5-Which of the following is not associated with non-verbal communication:

(A). Body language

(B). Facial expression

(C). Symbol

(D). Conversation✔️

6- Goals are based in the selection of:

(A). Activities

(B). content✔️

(C). Instructional

(D). Learning expression

7-Curriculum which cover maximum subjects at a time is called:

(A). Core curriculum

(B). Activity base curriculum

(C). Integrated curriculum✔️

(D). Subject curriculum

8- Project/role playing/ practical method or laboratory method is introduced by:

(A). Teaching methods

(B). Showing methods

(C). Doing method✔️

(D). Drawing methods

9-Teacher performs practically and explains in:

(A). Lecture Method

(B). Demonstration Method✔️

(C). Discovery Method

(D) Discussion Method

10-The motivation to do something for own:

(A). Extrinsic

(B). Correspondence

(C). Intrinsic✔️

(D). Behaviour

11-Reflection of John Dewy thoughts are seen in:

(A). Subject centered curriculum

(B). Learner centered curriculum✔️

(C). Core centered curriculum

(D). Teacher centered curriculum

12-Who is not curriculum practioner:

(A). Curriculum specialist✔️

(B). Teacher

(C). Student

(D). Learner

13- Pure Islamic education system and no support from British government was under:

(A). Jamia Millia

(B). Nadrat-ul-Ulama

(C). Deoband✔️

(D). Aligarh Movement

14- Supervision is characterized with:

(A). Improvement of learning✔️

(B). Improvement of teaching

(C). Improvement of school facilities

(D). Improvement of skill

15-In Pakistan final approval of school curriculum is responsibility of :

(A). Text book board

(B). Board of intermediate and secondary

(C). Provincial bureau curriculum

(D). Federal ministry of education✔️

16-The inspection of school concept was started in:

(A). China

(B). America

(C). India

(D). England✔️

17-Determination whether good or bad refers to:

(A). Epistemology

(B). Ontology

(C). Axiology✔️

(D). Sociology

18-Head usually treat the employees with strict discipline represent the theory model:

(A). Theory-X✔️

(B). Laissez fair model

(C). Theory-Y

(D). Behavioural Model

19-Profession is employed for:

(A). Job✔️

(B). Duty

(C). Work

(D). Service

20-Shah Waliullah philosophy was based on:

(A). Idealism✔️

(B). Realism

(C). Pragmatism

(D). Existentialism

21-Human beings are looked upon individually living in societies through:

(A). Pragmatism

(B). Realism

(C). Idealism

(D). Existentialism✔️

22- According to which theory effective leadership depends on the interaction of leaders personal traits, behavior and factor in leadership situation.

(A). Contingency


(C). Bureaucracy

(D). Path goal

23- Which method has made educational psychology science:

(A). Observation method

(B). Case study

(C). Survey method

(D). Experiment method✔️

24- Educational objectives are mainly derived from:

(A). National goal✔️

(B). School curriculum

(C). Educational aims

(D). Educational policy

25- The Socratic method is known as:

(A). Demonstration method

(B). Lecture method

(C). Dialectic method✔️

(D). Discussion method

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