Education Solved Past Papers MCQs Practice Test No. 2

1- I.Q is the index of:

(A). Level of mental development

(B). Rate of mental development ✔️

(C). Degree of mental maturity

(D). Intelligence status

2- In guidance the role of a teacher is as:

(A). A judge

(B). A moralist

(C). A helper✔️

(D). An evaluator

3-Ibn-e-Khaldun never favoured in:

(A). Discussion Method

(B). Question Answer Method

(C). Lecture Method✔️

(D). Observation Method

4- Multiple choice questions provide a broad sampling of:

(A). Knowledge

(B). Content✔️

(C). Learning

(D). Correspondence

5- Learning difficulties during instruction can be checked with the help of evaluation type is called:

(A). Placement

(B). Summative

(C). Diagnostic✔️

(D). Formative

6- In POSDCORB, P stand for:

(A). Posting

(B). Planning✔️

(C). Presentation

(D). Presenting

7- A curriculum is blue print or plan of the school that includes experience for the:

(A). Teacher

(B). Learner✔️

(C). Curriculum planner

(D). Experts

8- Axiology in philosophy deals with:

(A). Knowledge

(B). Reality

(C). Values✔️

(D). Culture

9- No system of education is better than its teachers who serve it said by:

(A). National Educational Conference 1947

(B). National Educational Commission 1959✔️

(C). National Education 1972

(D). Education Policy 1979

10-In drama/role play in school we usually ignore:

(A). Recreation and enjoyment

(B). Development of social skills

(C). Skills of conversation

(D). Do make rehearsals✔️

11- The teaching method recommended for elementary level is:

(A). Lecture method

(B). Project method

(C). Activity method✔️

(D). Laboratory

12- The student respect the teacher due to his:

(A). Legal authority

(B). Power of grading

(C). Good will and personal integrity✔️

(D). Parents substitute

13- How can we communicate with other without contradicting ourselves which branch of philosophy answer this question:

(A). Logic

(B). Axiology✔️

(C). Metaphysics

(D). Epistemology

14- Evaluation is a process of:

(A). Making value judgement of students learning✔️

(B). Assigning numbers to a giving task

(C). Making value judgement of institution programme or projects

(D). Making value judgement of teacher performance

15- Which of the following is not an instrument of data collection:

(A). Questionnaire

(B). Experiments✔️

(C). Interview

(D). Observation

16- Socio situational theory of learning is linked with:

(A). Skinner

(B). Maslow

(C). Bandura✔️

(D). Erikson

17- What kind of knowledge comes from Allah through Prophets:

(A). Sense

(B). Revelation✔️

(C). Scientific method

(D). Instinct

18-Which of the following are achievable in the classroom:

(A). Aims

(B). Targets

(C). Objectives✔️

(D). Goals

19- PEC stands for:

(A). Punjab education commission

(B). Punjab evaluation commission

(C). Punjab examination commission ✔️

(D). Pakistan examination commission

20- School heads guide their school teacher in appropriate direction, it means they are displaying the behavior related to:

(A). Authoritative

(B). Theory

(C). Leadership✔️

(D). Democratic

21- Which graph illustrate how numerical values changes over time:

(A). Bar graph

(B). Pie graph

(C). Moving projection

(D). Line graph✔️

22-SOLO taxonomy has phases:

(A). 3

(B). 5✔️

(C). 7

(D). 9

23- Desirable models of behavior of society are called:

(A). Beliefs

(B). Values✔️

(C). Culture

(D). Morals

24-The analysis, synthesis and evaluating the student thoughts are measured through:

(A). MCQ

(B). True false

(C). Matching items

(D). Essay✔️

25-It can be total expression of body language and signals:

(A). Non-verbal✔️

(B). Direct instruction

(C). Modeling

(D). Moving

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