Education Solved Past Papers MCQs Practice Test No. 1

1-Kindergarten system of education was contributed by:

(A). Maslow

(B). Spencer

(C). Forbel✔️

(D). Montessori

2- A teacher asks and invites the question in the class to:

(A). Keep students busy

(B). Maintain Discipline

(C). Create good environment

(D). Attract Student interest✔️

3- Full fledge institution of education were established at the university to lay down the basis for continuous:

(A). Research✔️

(B). Education

(C). Training

(D). Research system

4- The literal meaning of curriculum is:

(A). Path✔️

(B). Light

(C). Height

(D). Environment

5- The term cognition refers to:

(A). Predicting

(B). Analysis and synthesis

(C). Thinking✔️

(D). Observing

6- Experiments have supplied significant data concerning behavior reaction in relation to:

(A). Data

(B). Practice

(C). Skill

(D). Learning✔️

7- Through the educational process an individual is stimulated to think to appreciate and:

(A). Educate

(B). Behave

(C). Act✔️

(D). Train

8- Attention is a/an:

(A). Social state

(B). Mental state✔️

(C). Organic state

(D). Administrate state

9- Modern supervision is based on broadened concept of:

(A). Leadership✔️

(B). Planning

(C). Evaluation

(D). Teaching

10- Who is responsible to transmit cultural values in society?

(A). Senior citizens

(B). School✔️

(C). Parents

(D). Specialist

11- Which of the following medium of instruction was suggested in charter Act:

(A). Urdu

(B). English✔️

(C). Persian

(D). Hindi

12- Computer Education in school was first introduced in Pakistani Education policy of:

(A). 1998

(B). 1992✔️

(C). 1959.

(D). 1972

13- Curriculum improvement is necessary if:

(A). Changing in teaching staff

(B). Emerging new knowledge✔️

(C). New development of instructional aid

(D). New textbook are published

14- An outline of the topic of a subject to be covered in specific time is called:

(A). Curriculum

(B). Syllabus✔️

(C). Course

(D). Supplementary

15- Teacher efforts are less emphasized in:

(A). Learner centered curriculum✔️

(B). Broad filed curriculum

(C). Activity centered curriculum

(D). Subject centered curriculum

16- Pedagogy is the study of:

(A). Education

(B). Learning process

(C). Teaching methods✔️

(D). Educational guidance

17- A successful practice is the real test of the achievement by:

(A). Teacher✔️

(B). Student learning

(C). Principal

(D). Student evaluation

18- Practice is made in:

(A). Inductive method

(B). Deductive

(C). Drill method✔️

(D). Discussion

19- Microteaching focus on the competency over:

(A). Method

(B). Skill✔️

(C). Contents

(D). Teaching aids

20- The highest level of learning in cognitive domain is:

(A). Evaluation✔️

(B). Synthesis

(C). Analysis

(D). Application

21- Communication without words is called:

(A). Nonverbal communication✔️

(B). Upward Communication

(C). Oral communication

(D). Written communication

22- Charles wood dispatch was presented in:

(A). 1859

(B). 1833

(C). 1854✔️

(D). 1872

23- The application of philosophy in education directs towards:

(A). Selection of objectives✔️

(B). Instruction by the staff

(C). Promotion of the staff

(D). Incentive to the staff

24- Which is not hereditary factor:

(A). Colour

(B). Height

(C). Diet✔️

(D). Eye colour

25- Who developed the first intelligence test:

(A). Terman

(B). Thorndike

(C). Binet✔️

(D). Johns

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