Computer Science Software Basics Solved MCQs

1).  Programs that allow programmers to create other software are:

a). Accounting Spreadsheet

b). Application Programs

c).  Translate Programs

d). Word Processors

2).  Productivity tools that help computer users solve problems are called:

a). System Software Programs

b). Translator Programs

c).  Application Programs

d). None of the above

3).  Software which coordinates hardware operations and does the behind the scenes work that a computer user seldom sees is called:

a). A translator program

b). An application program

c).  A Database

d). System Software   

4).  Computer process instructions in their “native” language, which is called:


b). Machine Language  

c).  BASIC

d). Natural Language

5).  The process of converting English-like instructions to zeros and ones is performed by:

a). The programmer

b). The Monitor

c).  The Translator Program  

d). Buses

6).  Natural languages are advantageous to programmers because they:

a). Use words that people speak and write  

b). Eliminate the computer’s demand for technical detail

c).  are less expensive

d). use the binary system

7).  When you’re buying a typical computer software package, you’re not actually buying the software. Instead you’re buying a:

a). Warranty

b). Software license

c).  Patent

d). Copyright   

8).  Software that is free for the taking, with no strings attached, is called:

a). Public Domain

b). Shareware

c).  Copyrighted

d). Copy-protected   

9). Software that is free for the taking and requests a small payment for use is a). Public Domain

b). Shareware 

c).  Copyrighted

d). Open access

10). The Macintosh user interface can accurately be described with which of the following terms?

a). GUI

b). Menu-Driven

c). Icon-based

d). all of these terms describe the Mac user interface.

11). When an executive wants a computer application program that will project future revenues based on current data is ___________ program is the best tool to use:

a). Word Processor

b). Spreadsheet

c).  Graphics

d). Database

12). Which of these is a well-known example of system software?

a). Hyper Card

b). Microsoft Work

c).  MS-DOS

d). All of these are system software

13). Which of the following is not an advantage of an integrated package?

a). Generally less expensive than purchasing individual packages   

b). Are not copyrighted so multiple copies can be made

c).  Users don’t need memorize as many commands

d). Allow for quick and easy transfer between applications

14). Applications designed specifically for a particular business or industry are sometimes called:

a). Vertical Market Applications

b). Closed Applications

c).  Horizontal market applications

d). Restricted Applications

15). Programs that are specifically designed for individual clients only are called:

a). Custom Applications

b). Horizontal Market Applications

c).  State of the art applications

d). Look and feel software

16). This type of system software stands between the software applications and the hardware:

a). Multitask

b). Operating System

c).  Utility Program

d). Peripheral Device     

17). Operating System:

a). Communicate with peripherals

b). Manage Memory

c).  Coordinate concurrent processing of jobs

d). Perform all of these tasks

18). Programs that serve as tools for performing systems maintenance are called:

a). Utility Programs    

b). Application Programs

c).  Translator Programs

d). Assembly Language Programs

19). DOS is an Abbreviation for:

a). Disk Operating Signal

b).  Disk Operating System

c).  Digital Operating System

d). Distributed Operating Signals

20). Pictures that represent files, folders, and disks are called:

a). Windows

b). Menus

c).  Icons


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