Computer Science Intelligent Agents Solved MCQs

1). Which instruments are used for perceiving and acting upon the environment?

a). Sensors and Actuators ✔️

b). Sensors

c). Perceiver

d). None of the mentioned

2). What is meant by agent’s percept sequence?

a). Used to perceive the environment

b). Complete history of actuator

c). Complete history of perceived things ✔️

d). Both a & b

3). How many types of agents are there in artificial intelligence?

a). 1

b). 2

c). 3

d). 4 ✔️

4). What is the rule of simple reflex agent?

a). Simple-action rule

b). Condition-action rule ️✔️

c). Both a & b

d). None of the mentioned

5). What are the composition for agents in artificial intelligence?

a). Program

b). Architecture

c). Both a & b ✔️

d). None of the mentioned

6). In which agent does the problem generator is present?

a). Learning agent ✔️

b). Observing agent

c). Reflex agent

d). None of the mentioned

7). Which is used to improve the agent’s performance?

a) Perceiving

b) Learning ✔️

c) Observing

d) None of the mentioned

8). Which agent deals with happy and unhappy states?

a) Simple reflex agent

b) Model based agent

c) Learning agent

d) Utility based agent ✔️

9). Which action sequences are used to achieve the agent’s goal?

a). Search

b). Plan

c). Reterive

d). Both a & b ✔️

10). Which element in agent are used for selecting external actions?

a). Perceive

b). Performance ✔️

c). Learning

d). Actuator

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